Water-cooled motor shell is a commonly used shell type, and is widely used in the automotive industry. Then, what are the features of the water-cooled motor case? According to industry sources, this kind of casing has three major characteristics.

Water-cooled motor shell after double steel rust treatment after welding, cooling water circulation in the interlayer of the shell, the heat generated when the motor is running almost all away, to make the motor to the outside world almost no heat effect, this workshop temperature will not rise; textile enterprise working environment will become make people feel comfortable, it will greatly reduce the cost of air conditioning. It can not only as a day to save huge electricity costs, but also let employees feel about their company and considerate. 

Because the motor cooling effect is so significant, so we omit the traditional motor cooling fan itself, it can not only reduce the motor caused by noise, but also improve the efficiency of the motor, the motor itself consumes electricity effectively decreased, motor long-term operation, it can bring considerable economic benefits to you; at the same time, the motor also has the anti clogging ability of fiber 

In the cold winter, the spinning workshop needs to keep the temperature, just twist the faucet, control the flow of the water, make the heat produced by the motor not to be taken away, and can make your workshop become warm as spring.

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What are the features of water-cooled motor case?