Disa moulding line was first developed in 1964 by DISA Group,it is the world's first vertical molding line. Fengli foundry as a specialized Foundry Company, also has advanced Denmark disa horizontal molding line. Disa molding line's advantages as follows:

1.With higher specific pressure, the size accuracy and surface finish of the casting are higher

2.The entire line automation degree is high, the operator only needs to control the button foundation, examines the production line situation, the labor intensity is low, in the production process does not have the shock, the noise is low.

3.High production efficiency, generally up to type 450 / hour or more, equipment matching is simple, fewer failures.

4.Economy is good, no sand box, auxiliary machine is also very few, daily maintenance is low.

Disa moulding line, is an important standard to measure a company's level of casting, foundry enterprises generally have the molding line, casting products produced by casting precision is very high. The professional precision casting enterprise Fengli Machinery as a company with the level of disa molding line, produce elevator parts,motor case, gear box, auto parts, valve and other precision parts with good quality, Sincerely hope to cooperate with you.


Fengli precision casting factory do OEM/ODM for elevator traction machine parts



Fengli foundry has the world's most advanced vertical molding line: DISA molding line