The motor shell, the main role is to protect the motor in the shell inside, to prevent the motor received external shocks and damage, it is to prevent impurities, and collected and stored by the friction surface to motor lubricating oil, dispersed heat, prevent oxidation of lubricating oil.

The motor shell is generally not prone to quality problems, we found that the motor casing failure in production and daily life mostly because of the impact of external forces, caused by rupture or deformation of casing, if the burst is light, only small cracks, the mechanical clamping and welding process, but should pay attention to.

Of course, a good quality of the motor, its decision to bear much of the external force impact, therefore, to protect the motor a better quality of the motor shell can be better. What then improve the machining quality of the motor shell? 

1.Improve the quality of the motor casing in the process 

Improved motor casing machining quality processes, accuracy and tolerances of housing is not up to the requirement of position will have great influence on the mold. Check the plane outside the high place to remove when processing the shell, but lower than the plane. When the workpiece in finishing to deformation attention to the size.

2.Improving the blank quality of motor casing 

The workpiece is not a perfect assembly in place often occurred in the production processing and assembly, this is the reason most as the size of the motor shell super bad, foot root is too big and the non mating surface is higher than the height of the processing plane caused by such a situation, not only increased the assembly difficulty, but also increased the workload of maintenance. We need to strengthen the control of the motor shell blank quality, but also consider changing the die set aside a little space.

3.Do a good job of product inspection

The quality problem of the motor shell blank and die in the process can not be delayed, over a period of time to check on the mould, found problems or defects timely repair, can not dispose of mold problems, must be in accordance with the provisions of the technical staff for inspection conclusion after repair.


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