Electrophoresis, refers to the charged particles in the electric field, to electrically opposite electrode movement. By means of a charged particle in the electric field of different mobile speed to achieve the separation of technology called electrophoresis. Electrophoresis shell, is a kind of motor shell, its surface after electrophoresis processing, to protect the motor, widely used in golf carts, lawn mower motor shell. 

Fengli precision casting factory, with advanced level of the Disa moulding line, resin sand production line, to undertake professional elevator parts, motor case, gear box, auto parts, valves and other precision parts. Electrophoresis shell produced by our factory, the use of high-quality steel turning, surface electrophoresis processing, salt fog test for 96 hours above.


Method for improving quality of motor casing
Driving principle and antiskid measures of elevator traction wheel



Electrophoresis motor cases are widely used in golf carts