Fengli precision casting factory, has advanced CNC machining equipment and testing equipment, specializing in processing high precision parts. custom make elevator traction machine parts, including various types of elevator traction machine frame, traction wheel, wheel hub, material from HT200 to QT700.

The elevator traction machine is the power equipment of the elevator, also known as the elevator host, without it, the elevator will not function properly. The main function of the tractor is to transmit and transmit power to make the elevator run.It consists of motor, brake, coupling, gear box, traction wheel, rack and guide wheel and accessory handwheel etc.

The elevator traction machine, is an important product placement and protection of traction machine, so it belongs to an important component of the elevator, a good elevator traction machine frame can not only protect the good, but also has a positive effect on the normal operation of the elevator. The elevator traction machine professional manufacturers - Fengli Precision Casting factory to provide high quality elevator base products for you.


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Fengli precision casting factory do OEM/ODM for elevator traction machine parts