As we all know, the main function of the elevator traction wheel is driven, so, what is the essence of transmission? What is the principle? Today is for you details about the physical essence of the traction wheel, transmission principle, wear and anti slip safety measures.

1.The physical essence of traction wheel drive 

Elevator car and counterweight shaft in the up and down movement is driven by friction traction rope and groove to achieve. To prevent sliding phenomenon of wire rope in the rope groove, is a very important safety condition of elevator operation.

The traction wheel is actually a multi groove friction wheel, friction sheaves of wire rope, is the source of direct drive car lifting movement; stop the car or not, but also rely on the friction to stop the car and counterweight and slide down on both sides of the tension difference of wire rope trend; the motor drag force or a braking force, the braking force of the brake, is through the action of friction on wire rope; make the speed of the car can run according to motor control speed. Therefore, the operation system of elevator lifting system is actually a multi rope friction wheel.

Whether the elevator or stationary. Must remain stationary relative to the wire rope and the sheave groove between the sliding phenomenon. If not allowed to produce small amounts of slip in starting or braking, can also be restored to prevent the sliding of the static friction coefficient larger frictional force, to maintain a relatively static, such as to prevent the emergence of a large number of slip. The slide, you can only rely on less friction force by friction coefficient, it is difficult to maintain a relatively static rope and groove, which is very harmful. The accident state light car at the bottom of the car, rushed to the top or flat layer precision is poor, while serious accidents fall.

To ensure the rope sliding in the wheel groove, it must be in the design and installation of debugging, reasonably determine the car weight weight; in the maintenance, to keep the wheel groove clean, no sand, clay, butter or oil, also can't use gasoline washing with diesel oil or kerosene cloth wipe dry and rope groove surface of the oil and grit only, with kerosene or oil to keep the copeck rope groove in good condition, the friction coefficient will increase significantly. The elevator maintenance and management personnel should pay special attention to the matter.

2.The basic principle of using traction wheels

A wire rope sheaves on both ends of the steel wire rope tension is the car (including load) and the weight and inertia force at both ends of the tension, the sliding force of wire rope traction wheel to prevent relative slip. The friction effect of wire rope traction wheel on the balance tension difference, friction block the wire rope slip, the equal and opposite direction, to keep the wire (power system) or braking force of the brake, and have the same direction. The output of the motor and speed control, can control the car running speed and acceleration curve. But it is especially pointed out the difference of tension does not allow more than the limit friction value, otherwise slip or sliding, affect the safe operation of the elevator is serious, even fatal crash accident.

3.Measures for improving traction wheel wear 

This paper is based on the assumption that the abrasion resistance and hardness of each rope of the traction wheel are consistent,In fact, the abrasion resistance, hardness and pitch diameter of each groove are not consistent.It is obvious that the amount of wear is not uniform too.Therefore, all the performance indexes of the traction wheel should be strictly controlled within the scope of the international regulations.

The tension of each rope should be adjusted so that the difference between them is within 5%.

During the running of the elevator, it is necessary to replace or reprocess the traction wheel, and adjust the tension of the wire rope to make it basically the same when it is found that the wear of the groove is too bad.

Recommend the use of polyurethane rope slot liner on traction wheel. The liner is embedded into the corresponding slot machine, horizontal grooves gasket, grooved wheel right face wire rope friction coefficient without lubrication almost unchanged, and polyurethane special wear-resisting, which improves the life of liner, but also the service life of the wire rope greatly increase.

4.Anti-skid safety measures

Prevent the wire rope sliding on traction wheel, it must be in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning, have a certain amount of reserve force, is also in the process of the normal operation and emergency braking situation, total rope tension difference at both ends, must be less than the limit of friction, so that it can be in any situation, does not appear the sliding phenomenon of wire rope, to ensure the safe operation of the elevator. The ultimate friction force strength depends mainly on both ends of the steel wire rope, steel rope and the proportion of sheaves of friction coefficient between the size of the traction wheel groove shape, the traction wheel wire rope on the wrap angle, the friction coefficient of rocky size, and its influencing factors more than two, mainly depends on the contact surface of the material properties, morphology and surface condition.

For example, the contact surface is smooth, lubrication, wear and other conditions, and climate factors such as temperature. Its size is a numerical variable, but there is a minimum value. Therefore, in the design and use, must use a minimum value 0.8 of the insurance coefficient on experimental values, but also by 0.8 the unpredictable influence coefficient, can be used in the design, the purpose is to ensure the safe operation.


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