China is a big country in foundry, casting an annual output of 36 million 500 thousand tons. At present, the domestic casting serious overcapacity, but China's casting production surplus is mainly reflected in the low-end castings, high-end casting products still can not meet the growing market demand, therefore, the demand of our industrial converting low-end casting capacity to high-end casting capacity, promote the progress of China's casting industry.

Casting, as the process of obtaining semifinished products of mechanical products, is an important basic process of the mechanical industry and occupies an important position in the national economy.The present situation of China's foundry industry is large output, with an annual output of about 36 million 500 thousand tons of castings, more than 20 thousand factories, and more than 1 million 200 thousand employees in the foundry industry.One of the major features of China's foundry industry is the rapid development of township enterprises since the reform and opening up, and has become an important force in China's foundry industry.The number of township foundry has exceeded the number of state-owned foundry sites, and the castings produced by township foundry sites account for about half of the total casting output of China.

The current development of industrial countries in the world of casting technology mainly has four objectives:1.protect the environment,reduce and eliminate pollution; 2.improving the quality and reliability of the production of high quality castings, near net shape castings; 3.reducing production cost; 4.shortening the delivery time.

The basis of development is benefit, in order to achieve higher efficiency. China should have a high efficiency of the casting industry. without the benefit of the enterprise survival is difficult, not to mention the development. In order to improve the efficiency, from the following aspects: 1.downsizing to reduce energy consumption; 2.realize professional Production; 3.use new technologies to realize scientific management.

Clean production is the basic requirement of sustainable development. The meaning of clean production are: to achieve the lowest possible resources (raw materials) and energy consumption; to achieve the pleasant production environment and the minimum or zero emissions; clean production products (product energy consumption, material consumption, easy regeneration reuse and ergonomic requirements). Clean production casting, mainly is the application of new technology, new technology, new materials, new equipment to achieve low consumption, low pollution or no pollution and casting the pleasant environment. 


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