Casting resin sand refers to the casting and mold in the middle to play a barrier to isolation,achieve the purpose of preventing sand sticking,can also effectively prevent high temperature liquid metal oxidation,do not react with a liquid metal during contact with a mold,and can absorb and digest nitrogen, sulfur, carbon and other gases.Resin sand casting must choose resin, then how to choose the right resin type?

The following factors shall be taken into account when selecting the type of resin:

1.Casting material.

Tendency of casting material produced nitrogen porosity is large, should choose low nitrogen or nitrogen free resin; when the casting material is tend to produce nitrogen porosity small black metal, nitrogen resin selection; nitrogen dissolved copper, aluminum parts to choose high nitrogen resin.

2.The weight, wall thickness, and pouring temperature of the casting.

When casting heavy, thick wall, high pouring temperature, should choose the furfuryl alcohol content is high, low content of urea formaldehyde resin, the high temperature strength of the core to meet the needs; the low pouring temperature, light weight, thin wall castings, high strength to the low content of urea formaldehyde resin can choose more. In order to reduce the cost. .

3.Structure of casting.

The casting is easy to cause the heat crack, advisable to use resin as binder. The high temperature low prone to hot tearing of steel castings, with alkaline phenolic resin suitable option should not be used without nitrogen furan resin as the binder; casting prone to cold cracking, should choose good collapsibility as binder. 


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What factors should be considered when choosing resin types in resin sand casting?