At present, the proportion of production efficiency of motor shell in the manufacturing industry's position more and more important, therefore, to understand and master the design of the motor shell process is also very important. The drawing is the use of drawing motor shell will punch plate blank cut pressed into hollow pieces of various openings, or will have been made of hollow parts processing into other shapes of hollow part with a processing method.

The force of the motor shell drawing process is like a blank sector being pulled by a wedge of change is similar, the elongated moment in the diameter direction, tangential is compressed. In the process of drawing practice, of course, and there is no wedge groove, the fan-shaped small unit blank is not alone., but in contact each other, together all the blank. 

fter drawing the thickness of the workpiece along the bottom to the mouth direction is different. The largest increase in the thickness of upper part of the side wall of the cylinder, about 30%; while in the tube wall and the bottom corner slightly on the local minimum thickness, the thickness is reduced to almost 10%, the drawing is most easily pulled off a like. This section is called "risk section." when the section stress data at the moment beyond the material strength limit, parts occurred here. Even if the break drawing is not cracking, because the data thinning is too serious, may also make the goods void. 


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