After motor products entering the market, it is difficult to reform the casing of motor. But in the actual application process, many of our industry due to other factors to make the purchase of motor is not suitable for the use of the environment, but re-custom make will take a lot of money. So many people will choose to transform its shell. 

It is necessary to do the appropriate transformation of the motor shell, in the life of our common to the motor is usually placed horizontally, squint too, hanging on the wall, but not all of the motor can be to operate like this, bearing some motor inside the positioning not good, may be settled what is not the same point of view will cause the motor life shortened, may be easily broken.

In the design process of a motor casing, a positioning datum selection that processing of the roughly the amount of time needed to process the cutting speed, each selected machine, feed and tool selection is related to the first, positioning and clamping fixture in every particular process are not parts of the request. The two have uniform 3xm5 - 7h threaded hole, and fixing device used to cover. 


Brief introduction of deep processing technology of motor shell
Notes on selection of material for stamping of motor casing



What should be noticed in the transformation design of motor casing?