Stamping, refers to the use normal or development of punching power, makes the plate directly in the mold deformation and deformation, and achieved the target shape, scale and function of commodity parts production skills. Sheets, moulds and equipment are the three elements of punching. Stamping is a cold deformation of metal processing methods.

Material is essential for any products, motor case is no exception. Material goods not only features more directly affect the motor shell stamping process planning skills, affect the quality, cost, life and production organization, and rational use of information is an important and difficult work.

Select materials need to pay attention to the following three points:

1.According to the function and effect of the stamping commodity, select the suitable material for processing.

2.The selected materials have excellent technical capabilities (e.g., conductivity, heat dissipation, ductility, etc.) 

3.Another point is after the above two conditions are met must start from an economic viewpoint.

However, motor shell stamping process used molds generally have specific and sometimes a messy parts needs several molds ability to be processed, and mold manufacturing of high precision, skill requested high skill-intensive goods. So, as long as on stamping parts produced the bulk of the larger case, punching strength abilities are fully reflected and achieved good economic benefits.


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