The motor shell, is a "umbrella" of the motor, it can reduce the damage of external force on the motor, thereby prolonging the service life of the motor. 

As the power source motor machinery manufacturing industry, demand more critical, not only to be durable, but also more energy saving and so on, so now more and more customized motor products, motor demand more and more high-end. 

The motor casing as the protection project of the motor, so the motor shell production and processing process, we should pay attention to what size difference work? 

Processing process in the, we should strictly according to drawings, processing good frame ends of check mouth, ends surface of parallel degrees, middle of diameter size, check mouth and diameter of concentric degrees, Center high, feet end of of plane degrees, feet end of surface ends and frame center line of parallel degrees, vertical degrees, surface rough degrees, also also should strictly control upper and lower wall thick, around wall thick of deviation and processing benchmark surface of reference and so on.


Alloy motor shell can effectively protect the safety of motor equipment
Volkswagen will put into production electric car motors in Tianjin later next year



Main points of machining difference of motor casing