To promote the "two reduction, six governance, three promotion" special action to achieve tangible results, this year, Nanjing Jiangning District moling Street East Village focus on structural adjustment, pollution reduction, and create a civilized city, important areas of ecological protection and policy regulation, in accordance with the law within the jurisdiction of the two pollution foundry to be shut down. 

According to reports, the streets moling Jian Dong Cun based on all levels of government "two reduction, six governance, three promotion" special action requirements, both within the jurisdiction of the foundry enterprises to carry out special rectification, rectification results for the two final foundry without environmental protection procedures has no pollution control facilities were shut down by law banned. The next step will be to build the East Village on the regulation of enterprises shut down after the surrounding environment, at the same time to "see Tian, could see the water, retain nostalgia" as the starting point, adhere to the "Chang River, clear water, green shore, Jingmei standard, through dredging, renovation of agricultural water bridge, smooth lines, village renovation long-term management and protection measures to organize the implementation, backbone River, key natural village renovation of a new road through the village, water natural public node organic series, re planning on the part of the village road system, will be built into a village, water, forest, garden and other elements in the party Build a green open demonstration space with propaganda, village culture, green ecology and so on.


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Nanjing Jiangning District moling Jian Dong Cun shut down two pollution foundry